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For a list of software titles available in our labs see our lab facilities page.

Student ArcGIS

A student copy of ArcGIS Desktop (including ArcGIS Pro) can be obtained from the OIT Software Distribution site for installation on students’ own computers.

Note that ArcGIS can only be installed on a Windows operating system. Students with a Mac can refer to this article for options on Windows configurations.

Accounts on the UT ArcGIS Online Organization are also available to UT students, faculty and staff. See the OIT Software Distribution for setup instructions.

Open Source / Open Access / Free

Title OS Description
QGIS Windows/Mac/Linux Highly recommended comprehensive desktop GIS package.
SAGA  Windows/Linux
GRASS  Windows/Mac/Linux Desktop GIS originally created for the US federal government.
PostGIS  Windows/Mac/Linux Spatial database extension for the popular PostgreSQL RDBMS paltform.
Orfeo Toolbox  Windows/Mac/Linux Image processing and remote sensing toolbox.
Whitebox Tools / GAT  Windows/Mac/Linux Flexible open-access spatial analysis toolset that can be used by command line, its own Java GUI (GAT), or integrated as a plugin for QGIS or ArcGIS. Especially useful for LiDAR and terrain analyses.
GeoDa Windows/Mac/Linux GUI tool for exploratory spatial data analysis including spatial autocorrelation and regression functions.
CloudCompare Windows/Mac/Linux Point cloud visualization and processing for LiDAR and TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanner) data.
Leaflet Web Relatively easy to use Javascript library for building interactive web maps